Navarre and the Walloon Region of Belgium have signed a memorandum of collaboration to stimulate the audiovisual industry

Manu Ayerdi, the Minster for Economic and Business Development and President of Sodena, has signed a memorandum of collaboration with the audiovisual fund Wallimage S.A. from the Walloon Region of Belgium aimed at stimulating the audiovisual industry in both regions.

In principle, the memorandum will be in force for three years. During this time, Sodena and Wallimage will work together to lay the foundations for the co-production of audiovisual projects, as well as sharing good practices and experiences in such areas as attracting investment, training and attracting talent and financing audiovisual companies.

Not in vain are the creative industries among the six priority sectors for Navarre as part of its S3 Intelligent Specialisation Strategy. The Region also has significant potential in this area. Estudios Melitón, located on the Lekaroz Business Campus, are an example of this. The importance of Navarre as an audiovisual region is also a key factor, due to its settings and the potential of its professionals, as well as the studios specialising in the field.

This joint effort by Sodena and Wallimage is reinforced by the presence of the Navarre audiovisual cluster (CLAVNA), which will be in charge of coordinating the dialogue and facilitating the activities arising from the memorandum.