Premiere of the trailer of «DARDARA» , the second feature film of Marina Lameiro, filmed during the farewell tour of the rock group Berri Txarrak

Produced by Arena Comunicación and, the documentary is slated for its first showing during the first quarter of 2021, distributed by Atera Films

The trailer for the documentary “DARDARA» is now available. This is the second feature film from the Navarran film-maker Marina Lameiro (“Young & Beautiful”, 2018). A preview of the trailer was shown yesterday at the Gaztea Sariak award-giving ceremony, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the EiTB tv station Gaztea de EiTB, where the group Berri Txarrak competed in the Initiative/Phenomenon of the Year section. It will also be shown during the 55th Azoka de Durango, which will take place online between the 4th and 8th of December.